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Tombstone offers several wedding venues such as the Historic Tombstone Courthouse, City Park Gazebo, Rose Tree Museum, OK Corral,Tombstone Monument Ranch, Tombstone Bordello, Big Nose Kate's & Crystal Palace saloons.
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The Tombstone City Park is one of the most chosen venues for Tombstone weddings. The outdoor setting in the gazebo lends a charming old west atmosphere for Tombstone weddings.

Big Nose Kate's Saloon  Tombstone's most famous residents including Wyatt and Virgil Earp, Doc Holliday, and the Clanton Gang serving beverages at the original long bar which survived the fires of 1882.

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The Tombstone Courthouse
is a major attraction for Tombstone visitors which is now a museum filled with photographs and artifacts for tourists and locals to learn about the rich history of Tombstone's past.


Tombstone Monument Ranch is a truly unique setting for an old west wedding.  Located 2 miles west of Tombstone, Tombstone Monument Ranch is a replica of the town of Tombstone with  **** star rating.

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The Crystal Palace Saloon is another venue for Tombstone weddings or vow renewals.
In 1882 fire destroyed what was once the Golden Eagle Brewery and was rebuilt what is now known as the Crystal Palace Saloon.

Tombstone Bordello Bed & Breakfast
Complete venue for weddings or vow renewals in Tombstone, offering a charming and elegant wedding garden gazebo. 

The O.K. Corral is the site of daily re-enactments of the most famous gunfight in western history.  It has been a popular destination for many weddings and vow renewals.